In addition to the distinctive swordlike extension at the lower part of its tail (in males), they have elegant flowing fins that make them stand apart from other Swordtail varieties.

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All black except for fins. 94.


Wild Swordtails are generally a dull green colour with a small extension to the tail fin.

1 - Hi-fin albino red swordtail 2 - Hi-fin albino pineapple swordtail 3 - Hi-fin albino koi swordtail 4 - Hi-fin tuxedo neon swordtail 5 - Hi-fin red brick swordtail 6 - Hi-fin Berlin swordtail 7 - Hi-fin orange marble swordtail. Wild Swordtails are generally a dull green colour with a small extension to the tail fin. .

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Not bad for an old classic strain of swordtails. The hi fin lyretail swordtails feature a lyre shaped tail, with the male also having the extended sword. In red or orange colors, they will add a graceful addition to your freshwater aquarium.

Assorted Swordtail Group (Xiphophorus helleri) Item: CN-114787. fc-falcon">Jul 24, 2022 - Swordtail Fish The Swordtail is popular extremely.

The Blood Red Hi Fin Lyretail Swordtail is an exquisite color morph of the popular Swordtails.

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94. 00 Red tuxedo hi-fin swordtail : Aquatichub: 11h 34m: 42.

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SWORDTAIL Tangerine Hi-Fin Lyretail *Reverse Trio (1HFM+1SFM+1HFF) / Shipping Included $ 65. Photo: Female Red Tuxedo Lyretail Swordtail. . . .


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They come in a wide variety of colours and usually feature an elongated caudal fin along the lower half, from which they derive their name.

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A lot of Black Swordtail enthusiasts are especially fond of a variety called “Black Hi Fin Lyretail”.

8 Painted Swordtail.