Her journey started in 2017, shortly after she finished her study of Design and Visual Arts.

I specialise in freehand, large-scale botanical tattooing, working only with black ink.


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Nature has always been the first source of inspiration for art.

Top LGBTQ+ Tattoo Artists in the US. . Botanical Tattoo Design on Shoulder; The first one here is this beautiful tattoo extending on the front and the back of.

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Apr 1, 2022 · Slots during these times are limited and typically booked months in advance (outside of conventions). More simplistic in style, with lighter line work and more utilization of shading, Mel is a tattoo artist working out of Black Dot Tattoo in Glasgow. .

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The pink bud on the side adds to its beauty of it.

$75 off $200+, $50 off $150, $25 off $100.

With styles that range from Illustrative Blackwork to bold Neo-Traditional. He specializes in natural, scientific and medieval illustration as well as tattoos in an etching and engraving style.

26 Delicate Botanical Tattoos & Ideas. Nature has always been the first source of inspiration for art.

These spots are usually hosted at tattoo studios, PMU studios, private studios and tattoo conventions.
Alfonso Ciulla: Mystical Fineline Tattoo Artist in Milan.
Who Are the Best Asian Tattoo Artists? Chronic Ink’s best Asian tattoo artists are Danny and Tristen Zhang.

Alice is a tattoo artist who has gotten famous for her botanical plant tattoos, imparting her brilliant work to more than 116,000 fans on Instagram.

Katie So: @ghostmeadow.

This clover leaf tattoo on the shoulder is one of the most elegant tattoos on the list. . ARTISTS.

. A unique space in the East Bay, we have evolved into a diverse studio of artists who can create the custom ink that you are dreaming of. . Artist Ty'esha Reels, also of Ink Master season 5. .

Mar 1, 2019 · Pis Saro is one of the most influential botanical tattoo artists from Russia.

26 Delicate Botanical Tattoos & Ideas. NH Tattoo is the most unique tattoo studio in New Hampshire.

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Jan 9, 2023 · Gary Parisi – Chicago, IL.